The Team

Because International exists today for many reasons, but the vision of the founder and the dedicated team of individuals below are what hold it all together.

  • Kenton Lee 
    I love working with Because International because those living in poverty have great thoughts, ideas, and dreams - and I want to help make them a reality.
  • Rachel Van Dyken
    Working for because International is a privilege- I get to be on the forefront of an organization that believes in change and innovation where it's needed most.
  • Nate Roskam
    Because International is all about building bridges of hope. The best part is that we start building at the point of need, always listening and bringing no agenda other than love of humanity.
  • Andrew Kroes
    I was drawn to Because International by the focus on innovation in connection with humanitarian aid. I have a particular interest in idea generation and development.
  • Joelle Friesen
    I'm with Because International to listen, cultivate ideas, and collaborate. Because provides channels of connection: my heart at the service of yours. That's my Because.
  • Shawn Blenker
    I have always been impressed with Kenton and how he treats people and how he lives his life. I support Because International because I want to help improve the lives of those who are living in desperation all over the world.
  • Tobin Rogers
    I'm reminded daily that 'today is not about me.'  Because International puts the focus on those in need.  I'm inspired by the creativity and innovation to make this world a better place for everyone in it.