Because International seeks to turn the thoughts, ideas, and dreams of those living in extreme poverty into reality. Sometimes, we need resources and money to make this happen. We do all of our donations on a project-basis. Check out our current projects and financial needs here. Anything that you can do will help us get closer to making these dreams a reality.

There are three options for supporting Because International financially.  Click on the red donate button below to be navigated to our secure site and then choose how you'd like to support.

Support The Shoe that Grows

1Money donated directly to The Shoe That Grows will be used specifically for research, design, development, and deployment costs of this product. Currently funding is needed to develop the first prototype, as well as to produce our first batch of shoes for testing and deployment.

Support Innovation Conversation

2Financial support donated to our Innovation Conversations will go towards attending and hosting events where we can converse directly with those in need, those with ideas, and those with solutions.

Support General Operating Expenses

3Fortunately at this time we are able to keep our overhead low. However, the costs of running a non-profit do add up and we need your support for continued growth. Funds going towards operating expenses will ensure that we are able keep moving forward.

Thanks in advance for being a part of our story!