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Because International has a story to tell. The more people that hear our story, the more people can have the chance to be involved with our mission. Can you help us share our story? Can you be one of our storytellers? We can definitely use your help. Here are a few suggestions to get the word out about Because International.

Tell Your Friends!

1The best form of advertising is word of mouth. The more people you tell, the wider our reach of influence. Share our story, the ideas and the passion for what we do with everyone you know so we can make even more people's lives better.

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2Facebook is a great way for people to learn about Because International and the work we are doing.  Visit our Facebook page, LIKE us, and then share the innovative ideas that we are up to with everyone you know. 

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Tweet About Us

Twitter is another great resource for spreading the word about Because International. Help us reach more people by mentioning @BecauseIntl in your posts. 

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