The Process

We start by listening to those living in extreme poverty in order to hear their thoughts, ideas, and dreams about how to have a better life.

2Idea Identification
We identify the best ideas which will lead to sustainable changes, and then we work together to make it a reality.

3Idea Exploration
Through our innovation conversations and connecting with experts, designers, inventors, and others - we explore the idea and find the best possible improvements.

4Product Design and Creation
Utilizing the resources of top companies, designers, and manufacturers - we finalize the creation and design of the product and take it through the prototyping process.

5Final Product
All of this leads us to the final product - something that can bring sustainable change and improvement to the lives of those in poverty.

6Put it back into the hands of those in poverty for production, sales, and distribution
We take the final product and allow local people in developing countries to take ownership of the production, sales, and distribution of the product.

7Start all over again!